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The Cairngorm Reindeer Herd!

This week I've been up in the highlands, adventuring across mountains, glens and lochs to see all the fantastic wildlife which have made their home in this vast wilderness. Of-course a visit to the free-roaming Cairngorms reindeer herd is an absolute must-see for anyone exploring this part of highlands...

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What are Nurdles?

Whilst some beaches are particularly prone to a plastic tide and others appear pristine, there is one thing that all beaches have in common - nurdles. These little plastic pellets are found all over the world, including remote islands otherwise completely untouched by humans. In the UK, Tregantle beach in Cornwall is one of the worst I've seen. Join me there in the video below, where I ask the question; what are nurdles?

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Arne’s best kept secret – the majestic White Hart!

Arne is a nature reserve on the edge of Poole harbour in Dorset, which boasts a biodiverse mix of heath, mudflats and ancient oak woodland. This makes it a fantastic location for exploring, spotting wildlife and whiling away the time; and if you’re lucky enough, you may just stumble upon a creature of legend...

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The menacing laugh of a Green Woodpecker!

Woodpeckers are fascinating birds, well renowned for their tree drilling capabilities, but the Green Woodpecker is a bit of an oddball here in the UK. More often spotted on the ground or swooping low across open grassland, I managed to film one on a tree at Durlston Country Park in Dorset...

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The UK’s only VENOMOUS snake!

Adder's have a bit of a dangerous reputation, but are they really out to kill us? Of course not, but they do take one of the top spots for deadliest animals in the UK. Unfortunately seeing one is a rare opportunity, as they're such shy creatures, but luckily I know the perfect spot to find them. Check out the video below to learn more...

Wildlife, Woodland

A skull I found in the woods!

I was out clearing scrub in the woods the other day, when I stumbled upon skull! It was found amongst the decaying leaf litter, along with some other bones too. This tells us it must have died there or at least very nearby - so we're dealing with a woodland creature... Could you guess what animal it's from?

Conservation, Wildlife, Woodland

Goldeneye – a lichen to look out for!

Lichens are fantastic organisms that can tell us a lot about the environment in which they are found - or even where they are not! The Goldeneye lichen hasn't been found in Britain for about a century. Over the last few years it has began to re-colonise here, having been found at various locations along the south coast. Why has it come back?