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Where to see the elusive Lulworth Skipper!

Not only is the Lulworth Skipper almost the smallest of Britain's 59 butterfly species, it can also only be found on 10-15 mile stretch of Dorset coast, in the entireity of the UK. This sets quite the precedent for the challenge to spot one! Luckily I know just the place to find them...

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Where do Bloody-nosed beetles get their name?

Bloody-nosed beetles are large black leaf beetles, with rounded bodies and long legs. They are flightless, so often spotted wandering about the countryside in their characteristic slow, what can only be described as a 'plod'.  But what's in the name?

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Dry-stone Walling exam!

The ancient craft of dry stone walling (that is building without mortar) has historically provided a cost-effective method of building field boundaries to manage livestock and improve the fields. These walls are known to last for hundreds of years, providing a unique habitat particularly favoured by Slow-worms - who seem to be found underneath every other stone! Today the walls have formed an important part of landscape heritage, but are often left to ruin due to the loss of this traditional skill...