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Feeding little Sand Lizard hatchlings!

The UK has six native species of reptiles, two of which are extremely rare - the Smooth snake and the Sand lizard. These heathland inhabitants have had homes increasingly restricted and fragmented, resulting in their strict protection under UK and European Law. So when Avon Heath set up their Sand Lizard nursery, I jumped at the opportunity to see the hatchlings up close... 

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Where do Bloody-nosed beetles get their name?

Bloody-nosed beetles are large black leaf beetles, with rounded bodies and long legs. They are flightless, so often spotted wandering about the countryside in their characteristic slow, what can only be described as a 'plod'.  But what's in the name?

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My search to see a Chequered Skipper!

This week I've been very fortunate to be staying up in Scotland on Loch Arkaig, and I've managed to time it almost perfectly with the emergence of the Chequered Skippers. This is nationally a pretty rare species of butterfly and I was very lucky to spot one briefly! Take a look...