Wildlife, Woodland

Tracking mammals with a night camera!

In one of the small copses at the country park, there is a little wood-chip path which leads you through the tall trees. And every time I wonder along the trail, I notice theres seems to be a different section of the path that has been disturbed and dug out a little. So I decided to set up my new infrared night camera and investigate...

Wildlife, Woodland

A skull I found in the woods!

I was out clearing scrub in the woods the other day, when I stumbled upon skull! It was found amongst the decaying leaf litter, along with some other bones too. This tells us it must have died there or at least very nearby - so we're dealing with a woodland creature... Could you guess what animal it's from?

Conservation, Wildlife, Woodland

Goldeneye – a lichen to look out for!

Lichens are fantastic organisms that can tell us a lot about the environment in which they are found - or even where they are not! The Goldeneye lichen hasn't been found in Britain for about a century. Over the last few years it has began to re-colonise here, having been found at various locations along the south coast. Why has it come back?