Wildlife, Woodland

Tracking mammals with a night camera!

In one of the small copses at the country park, there is a little wood-chip path which leads you through the tall trees. And every time I wonder along the trail, I notice theres seems to be a different section of the path that has been disturbed and dug out a little. So I decided to set up my new infrared night camera and investigate...

Wildlife, Woodland

A skull I found in the woods!

I was out clearing scrub in the woods the other day, when I stumbled upon skull! It was found amongst the decaying leaf litter, along with some other bones too. This tells us it must have died there or at least very nearby - so we're dealing with a woodland creature... Could you guess what animal it's from?

Conservation, Wildlife, Woodland

Goldeneye – a lichen to look out for!

Lichens are fantastic organisms that can tell us a lot about the environment in which they are found - or even where they are not! The Goldeneye lichen hasn't been found in Britain for about a century. Over the last few years it has began to re-colonise here, having been found at various locations along the south coast. Why has it come back?

Conservation, Heathland, Reptiles, Wildlife

Feeding little Sand Lizard hatchlings!

The UK has six native species of reptiles, two of which are extremely rare - the Smooth snake and the Sand lizard. These heathland inhabitants have had homes increasingly restricted and fragmented, resulting in their strict protection under UK and European Law. So when Avon Heath set up their Sand Lizard nursery, I jumped at the opportunity to see the hatchlings up close... 

Beachcombing, Seashore, Wildlife

Meet the deadly Portuguese Man O War!

Over the past couple weeks, record numbers of these curious creatures have been reported. Strong westerly winds have brought them from across the atlantic, so far washing up along our shorelines in the southwest. The news has been widely shared across the country,  so what's the fuss all about?

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Where to see the elusive Lulworth Skipper!

Not only is the Lulworth Skipper almost the smallest of Britain's 59 butterfly species, it can also only be found on 10-15 mile stretch of Dorset coast, in the entireity of the UK. This sets quite the precedent for the challenge to spot one! Luckily I know just the place to find them...