The UK’s only VENOMOUS snake!

Adder’s have a bit of a dangerous reputation, but are they really out to kill us? Of course not, but they do take one of the top spots for deadliest animals in the UK. Unfortunately seeing one is a rare opportunity, as they’re such shy creatures, but luckily I know the perfect spot to find them. Check out the video below to learn more…

Their dark zigzag pattern identifies them from our other two British snakes – the Grass snake and the Smooth snake. At first I assumed this one was a lady; as male adders tend to have a darker zigzag, surrounded by a paler beige colour. However I have learnt that this one is likely a male, as they tend to emerge earlier in the year than females and look the same before their first shed! (See below; top = female, bottom = male).

Version 2IMG_4241

The adder in my video was filmed above the steps to the Tilly Whim Caves at Durlston Country Park. This is the perfect spot them to warm up in the spring, as it’s south facing so it gets the warmth of all the sunshine, and its high up out the way so they can’t be disturbed. This makes it the ideal spot to see them, so do pay a visit if you’re in the area!

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