The menacing laugh of a Green Woodpecker!

Woodpeckers are fascinating birds, well renowned for their tree drilling capabilities, but the Green Woodpecker is a bit of an oddball here in the UK. More often spotted on the ground or swooping low across open grassland, I managed to film one on a tree at Durlston Country Park in Dorset…

I suspect this fella was scouting out a tree to roost in or even to build a nest in, which is likely at this time of year! He’ll be searching for a tree with a softer rotten centre for the ease of excavation. The hole would take two to four weeks to construct, but once complete, could be used for the lifetime of a breeding pair!

So I didn’t manage to film this woodpecker whilst doing his loud ‘yaffle’ call, as it is known, as they usually do it whilst flying. But fortunately I did record it; listen to the clip above and you’ll see what I mean about it sounding like a menacing laugh!

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