Tracking mammals with a night camera!

In one of the small copses at the country park, there is a little wood-chip path which leads you through the tall trees. And every time I wonder along the trail, I notice theres seems to be a different section of the path that has been disturbed and dug out a little. So I decided to set up my new infrared night camera and investigate…

If you can get hold of a night camera, I’d fully recommend setting one up to see what nocturnal wildlife you can catch in action, it’s so much fun! With that amazing sense of smell, badger’s are particularly easy to draw in. Just set out a load of peanuts at dusk, with a pile hidden under a rock too heavy for a squirrel to move, and keep your fingers crossed.

The camera I used was one of the cheapest ones on amazon for about £50 posted and I am actually very impressed! You can choose between taking 8MP photos or 720P AVI movies. The only downside is that the video length is set to 20 second clips with 1 minute between each video/trigger, which isn’t ideal but I guess thats where you can always spend more if need be!

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