Where do Bloody-nosed beetles get their name?

Bloody-nosed beetles are large black leaf beetles, with rounded bodies and long legs. They are flightless, so often spotted wandering about the countryside in their characteristic slow, what can only be described as a ‘plod’.  But what’s in the name? Watch the video below to find out!

In the springtime, their shiny, metallic larvae can also be seen scrambling around their favourite grassland habitats and munching on various types of Bedstraws – including Goosegrass (that’s the sticky one you’ve sneakily placed on someone else back at least once!).


There tends to be two broods each year, with the species over-wintering as both eggs and hibernating adults. As with much of the animal kingdom, once adults the females are a lot larger than the males and when mating the males use their sticky-padded feet to grip on – saucy!

bloody nosed beetles



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